A Telegram Chat Bot Client written in c#

I thought i should share my latest little GitHub project. Yesterday i thought of doing a chat bot for one of my upcoming IOT projects and I decided to make a .Net Standard C# client that can be reused.

Now one day later i have a first version done. It can send messages to a given chat, receive updates (messages) for a bot and set up webhook url for where you want to receive automatic updates without polling.

So you can now easily send telegram messages with C#.

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Angular 2, Webpack and lazy loaded routing modules boilerplate

Hi i’m currently working on my IOT service called IOTSpeak, I will get back to more details about it when it’s launched.

In this project i’m developing an Angular 2 app using TypeScript. The web app connects to the service using an Web Api that in the future could be used by different native phone apps.

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www.DN.se paywall remover

I got tired of the paywall www.dn.se introduced a while ago. They allow non paying readers to read a limited number of posts per week or so, thereafter you will be shown a paywall instead of the content of the article.

I came up with a idea that I possibly could write a Tampermonkey script to remove the paywall. After a short investigation i found out that the paywall was just some client-side scripts that blocked the visibility of the articles. I guess the obvious reasons for this is that they try to make google and other bots think the paywall doesn’t exist. I guess that google could possible give some SEO penalties for this, google is getting better and better in running javascript. I wonder how they think about that on DN.

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I got into the world of programming Arduino micro controllers after a colleague showed me his poker blind machine we used in a small poker “tournament” at work.

I bought some arduinos and competed a lot of different electrical laboratories where I learned a lot about handling electronics.

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